Neil Cousin is a singer-songwriter living and recording music in the Cambridgeshire Fens, UK. He writes songs about nothing, stream of consciousness anecdotes and unreliable testimonies to events that never happened.

The follow-up to the 2011 album, ‘Bonfire’, ‘The Dreams of Animals’ continues a journey into the soul of the animal mind, disregarding the past and future and only seeing only the now, only the next few steps, only what is in front of its nose.

This album sees a deeper exploration of multiple characters and viewpoints within songs, and sonically mixes traditional-sounding instruments with odd sound effects and discordant melodies.

There is also more humour in this album, although it may not be immediately obvious due to all the other stuff about death and regret.

Neil Cousin has played shows with such acts as The Crimea and Ben Caplan. His music has received airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music (Jarvis Cocker), BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio Shropshire, BBC Radio 5 Live, and Future Radio.

'Clever lyrics and subtle and inspired music make this album one to admire'
Andy Nelmes, FATEA Magazine (review of ‘The Dreams of Animals’)

'an absolutely gorgeous album’
Rick Stuart, Pure 107.8fm

‘one of the most wonderful songs of the year…a wonderful little gem’
Der Bänkelsänger (review of ‘Leg Bone Flute’ single)

‘A mighty order of folk’
Sloucher (review of ‘Leg Bone Flute’ single)

'songwriting that is so full of generosity and love that it’s easy to miss the craft and skill that went into it…. Cousin has a way with words, switching easily between the prosaic and the metaphorical, and always finding an image that evokes a plurality of meanings, so that his songs seem to open up into broader possibilities as they progress'
Oliver Arditi (review of ‘Bonfire’)