Oilbug was birthed in the spring of 2009 and found a home on the edge of the Cambridgeshire Fens, England. Two individuals per chance found themselves living on the same road in the same part of England. With some crossover and yet with very individual, specialist skills, heads were put together and talk of a creative music production team materialised.

Isi Clarke
Isi has worked as a sound engineer for the last 12 years since graduation from music college in Nottingham. She has now moved into music production and become resident Head Engineer/Producer at the purpose built, Grange Farm Studio. Because of this she is particularly well placed on the 'front line' and often comes across people with quality potential.

Dan Donovan
Dan is a talented professional photographer, film maker and graphic designer as well as an experienced musician. Whilst Dan and Isi have different skills there is clearly a service offering the combined partnership that is even stronger than the individual parts.


Oilbug aims to provide chosen talented artists with the facilities and guidance to do what they want to do musically, to provide them with a platform to record and get their music heard without interfering with their artistic integrity - an 'ethical' production team.

Oilbug is a record label whose focus is on the development and nurturing of musical talent, signing artists to assist them to release something that is better as a result of our involvement.