Gritty British duo King Kool exude scuzzy slabs of rocket engine driven soul hacking rock’n’roll.

Formed by DanDonovan (guitar and vocals) in 2005 and joined by Pas Struthers (drums and backing vocals) on one dark Fenland evening. KK have released four albums, which has resulted in some healthy press coverage, numerous tours in the UK and parts of Europe, and a bunch of fans to boot.


"It's a perfect slab of the American dream turned sour, and two outlaws ruling the world. Brilliant, LOVE IT" Subba Culture Magazine.

"Tsunami of edgy, snarling, garage punk rock, for a two piece, Dan Donovan and Pas make one hell of a noise" Music Maker

"More punk spirit than anything Iggy as done for years, the finest stoner rock with monster riffs, jet engine guitars and amps turned up to 11. This is the sound of great rock and roll and bottom heavy garage rock!!!!" Art and Soul Magazine

"Gutsy and brilliant" Guitarist Magazine

"Pure, balls out feral garage punk greatness, Goddamn!" Joe Lindsay BBC Radio Ulster

"Dirty, deviant sound, it's biker road trip scuzz!" Organ Magazine